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Shandong Shengyang Power Supply Co., Ltd. (Shengyang Stock, Stock Code 002580) is a state-level high-tech enterprise, the company was founded in 1991, 2011 in Shenzhen SME board listed. In the field of new energy, the company provides energy storage power supply, standby power supply, power supply and system integrated power supply products and solutions to customers at home and abroad. The company currently has a total assets of 2 billion yuan, more than 2,000 employees, under three wholly-owned subsidiaries, is a well-known enterprise in the world.

Harmonious Saint Yang. Honesty is the core of Shengyang culture and also the foundation of enterprises' career. All along, the company has always been market-oriented, customer-centric, management-based, self-confidence and innovation, self-improvement beyond, in the development of enterprises at the same time, constantly improve the welfare of employees and working and living conditions, to ensure that the industrial chain to achieve a win-win situation, to ensure the harmonious coexistence of enterprises and the environment. The company actively participates in the construction of public welfare undertakings, such as donation, caring for vulnerable groups, post-disaster reconstruction, new rural construction, and so on. It is the unremitting pursuit of building harmonious Shengyang to let customers satisfy, make employees happy and let the government rest assured.

Innovation Shengyang. Science and technology is the foundation of a strong enterprise, innovation is the soul of development, Shengyang adheres to the combination of independent innovation and open cooperation, gathers professionals at home and abroad, builds a unique technology research and development platform, is approved by the state-level enterprise technology center, the state-level post-doctoral research workstation and provincial academicial workstation, has more than 100 core patented technologies. It has led and participated in the formulation and revision of dozens of national and industrial standards. Lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, power systems, new energy integration systems and other battery power products have been formed to meet the application scenarioses of energy storage, standby and power, multi-category, complete product lines and system solutions research and development, design and operation capabilities. Among them, the company's energy-based FCP lead-carbon energy storage battery, by virtue of breakthrough cycling performance, greatly reduce the cost of energy storage battery, break through the cost bottleneck of large-scale development of energy storage in China, to accelerate the commercial application of energy storage industry is of great significance.

Green holy sun. "Green, environmental protection, recycling and sustainable development" is the company's business development has always adhered to the principles of self-discipline; "standardized governance, prevention-oriented, emission standards, clean production" is the basic principles of the company's business; the company from product design, process manufacturing, customer applications, new energy development, until product recovery, They are committed to the development and application of new technologies and equipment for energy saving, consumption reduction, cleaning and recycling. The Shengyang Industrial Park project, with an annual capacity of 6 million kV Ah, has applied the most advanced equipment and technology in the industry to ensure that the company's product quality and environmental protection management level are in the leading position in the industry. As a supplier of green energy solutions, the company has independently implemented Qinghai Yushu Qumalai 7203KW off-grid photovoltaic power plant project, China mobiles West Province integrated communication base station project, Beiji Island micro-grid power station project, Indonesia Lighting Thousand Islands project and other major projects at home and abroad. Facing the 13th Five-Year Plan, the company is intensifying the industrial upgrading of automation, intellectualization and informationization, developing the strategic planning and development of new energy system integration business, and devoting itself to making greater contributions to "bluer sky, greener mountains and clearer water".

Shengyang international. Shengyang has always adhered to the strategy of internationalization and leading big customers, firmly adhered to the road of "new energy, new technology, internationalization, cross-border" development, adhered to brand marketing and professional marketing, deepened specialization to create value and service for customers, accelerated the international brand operation; created more outstanding with "lean production and management" Customer experience, the industry won the first batch of "export exemption" qualification and "China export quality and safety demonstration enterprise" title. Based on domestic and international distribution, Shenzhen Fangxin Co., Ltd., Shenyang Europe Co., Ltd., Shenyang Dubai Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries have been established successively. The "Going Out" strategy has made Shengyang's reputation in the international market continue to improve, and the application of new energy solutions market continues to expand.

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