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customer service

The service system of Shengyang Power Supply (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is established in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9002:1994, with the aim of "producing products that can be trusted and satisfied by customers". The details are as follows:

1. Provide a series of non-standard design, installation and debugging, technical consultation and training, regular visits and proper handling of customer complaints from pre-sale, during-sale and after-sale.

2. We have established a perfect three-level service support system to provide customers with strong, timely, thoughtful and effective service. That is, the technical department - - responsible for non-standard design, user Engineers - - responsible for operational personnel training and technical exchanges; installation service staff - - responsible for installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, inspection and on-site technical training.

3. Strong service technology and equipment, including charge-discharge motor and Shengyang special on-line internal resistance tester, improve the response speed and problem-solving ability, the company's service center and foreign representative offices are equipped with tools and spare parts, to solve quality complaints with the fastest speed.

4. The company has established a perfect customer file management system. The details of each customer's battery usage and our company's service testing are recorded separately, regularly sorted out and classified, and the necessary information is timely reported to the relevant departments within our company. Make everyone understand the use of batteries in the customer site, based on this, constantly improve our product performance indicators and service level.

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