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Technical support

Shengyang company has a customer service center and is responsible for serving customers.

There are 26 marketing service offices throughout the country, with more than 60 full-time service personnel, responsible for all-round and full-process system services to customers. The main contents are as follows:

1, according to the contract requirements, pick up products, sub shipment, installation, commissioning, opening and acceptance.

2. Take the contract as the source, set up the complete customer file, carry on the omni-directional, whole process tracking service to the customer.

3. Establish and implement customer return visit plan every year, return visit service for the quality of the use and maintenance of the product, and implement lifetime tracking service for the product during its lifetime.

4. The product is used in accordance with the technical requirements. All services within the warranty period are free of charge.

5. Failure Response Process: If the product fails in use, it can contact the marketing department directly or the company's Service Department directly. The marketing department or the company's service department will give a definite reply within 2 hours after receiving the feedback from the customer's quality information, and send someone to the scene to handle it so as to arrive at the service site as quickly as possible. The response criteria are as follows:

Service distance

Arrival time

Within 100 kilometers

6 hours

101 to 500 kilometers

12 hours

500 kilometers or more

24 hours

Local marketing departments are equipped with some products, connectors and batteries testing and maintenance equipment, tools, etc., to ensure that the shortest possible time for customers to replace defective products.

Fault handling time: After confirming that the product needs to be replaced, within 5-10 days, provide the same grade of new products to the customer site.

6. Troubleshooting methods: during the warranty period, no matter what causes the product quality problems, in line with the principle of not interrupting the normal use of products by customers, first ensure the normal operation of the system, and then seek truth from facts to implement the reasons, properly solve; if for our company's product quality problems, our company will carry out more free of charge. In case of failure caused by the customer's use, the two parties should negotiate to resolve the problem.

7. To organize technical meetings in a flexible and diversified manner according to contract requirements, customer needs or market needs, and to provide timely technical training for customers in the use and maintenance of products. The main forms include: providing free door-to-door technical exchange lectures, inviting customers to attend technical lectures and exhibitions, technical and business exchange meetings with customers.

8, under special circumstances, our company can send someone on duty.

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Customer Service Center

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