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Technical factors affecting the performance of UPS battery

With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance of Shengyang UPS battery is getting better and better, the average trouble free working time is getting longer and longer, the reliability of the whole machine is getting higher and higher, so it is particularly important to maintain the consumable battery in UPS.

(1) At present, the charging mechanism of DC system in China is not very perfect, and there is voltage drift in practice. Shengyang UPS battery is in floating state for a long time. If the floating voltage deviates from the normal range, it will cause overcharge or undercharge of battery, and the long-term overcharge or undercharge has a great impact on the performance of battery.

(2) Thermal runaway refers to the cumulative enhancement of charging current and battery temperature when the battery is charged at constant voltage, and the battery is damaged gradually. According to the current investigation of battery use, thermal runaway is one of the main causes of battery failure. The direct consequence of thermal runaway is the bulging and air leakage of battery shell, the decrease of battery capacity, and the serious deformation of electrode plate and the final failure.

(3) The temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of Shengyang battery. The battery life will decrease by 10% every 5 ℃ when the temperature rises. Therefore, the ups should be designed to keep the battery temperature as much as possible. All online and backup / online hybrid ups will generate more heat than backup or online Interactive UPS when they are running, which is also a relatively long battery replacement cycle of backup or online interactive ups An important reason.

(4) The operating humidity of Shengyang battery should be 5% - 95%. If the ambient humidity is too high, it will condense on the battery surface, which is easy to cause short circuit, low pf ambient humidity and static electricity. Too much dust is also easy to make lead-acid battery short-circuit, safety valve blockage failure.


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