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Why does Shengyang battery bulge

We use cell phones batteries, if used for a long time, some of them will appear bulge, but some will not. No matter what type of battery, drum is a common thing, including the Shengyang battery used by our ups power supply and EPS power supply products. Drum package has a great impact on the use of batteries, and even causes explosion hazard.

When using Shengyang battery, the bulge is mainly caused by the increase of internal pressure brush, which is mainly caused by the following reasons:

(1) The opening pressure of safety valve is too high, or the safety valve is blocked. When the pressure in the body increases to a certain extent, the valve cannot be opened normally, which will inevitably cause bulging deformation.

(2) When the floating charge voltage is set too high and the charging current is large, the O2 on the positive plate will precipitate faster, but it is too late to be compounded in the negative plate. At the same time, the temperature in the battery body will rise very fast. When the exhaust is not enough and the pressure reaches a certain value, the VRLA battery will appear bulging deformation.

(3) During the charging operation of Shengyang battery, especially in the series battery, if the battery is overcharged, if there is a battery with poor quality, it will often have bad internal gas recombination and other phenomena, thus the phenomenon of bulging occurs.

(4) Because Shengyang battery belongs to the lean liquid design, there is a reserved way to avoid the gas combination. If there is "rich liquid" phenomenon, it will block the diffusion of the generated O2 to the negative electrode, reduce the recombination rate of O2, and increase the internal pressure.

In the process of our use, if Shengyang battery is found to have bulge, we should replace the bulge battery to avoid affecting the use of other batteries or the use of the whole equipment.


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