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The Magic of DC High Voltage Inspection Design for UPS Shengyang Battery Shell

The rapid development of UPS power supply industry has brought new business opportunities for lead-acid battery manufacturers. Most Shengyang battery manufacturers began to develop and produce UPS batteries specially for uninterruptible power supply equipment. With the continuous innovation in technology, the detection technology of DC high voltage battery shell is gradually popularized.

UPS Shengyang battery manufacturer will find the following problems in the development and production process of Shengyang battery. The first is the insulation of high voltage. If the high-voltage insulation is not handled properly, it will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also have great hidden dangers to personal safety. Secondly, the high-voltage resistance of components is a problem. If the selection of components does not meet the requirements, the equipment will not meet the requirements of users who work for a long time. In addition, because of the danger of high pressure to people, we should pay special attention to the safety treatment of high pressure.

If all the high-voltage conductors designed for Shengyang battery shell are used, the rated high-voltage conductors withstanding 1.5-2 times the actual voltage are used. In the wire connection, we separate the low-voltage circuit from the high-voltage circuit, and fully consider the direction of the wire. The installation of high-voltage components and low-voltage controllers is also completely separated, which can prevent the interference of high-voltage magnetic field to low-voltage control system, and also increase the safety of equipment. PP board with high voltage resistance and low price is selected as the box, and high-voltage components are installed in PP board box. In order to prevent the occurrence of high-voltage air ionization and sharp angle discharge, the high-voltage components are isolated from each other, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment.

In this way, the efficiency of the whole machine can be better improved, the detection speed is faster and the judgment is more accurate. At the same time, it can also save man-made management and greatly reduce cost input. It has more market promotion value. Burke Power will continue to focus on the development of new technologies in the industry, devote itself to research and development, and provide users with the best quality power service guarantee.


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