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How to correctly identify the capacity and power of battery

Battery capacity is generally expressed in MAH, 1mah: 1 MAH current discharge for 1 hour

The total capacity of the battery is expressed in C

When the battery is fully charged, the voltage of a single lithium battery is 4.2V.

Discharge the battery at a constant current (0.5c, relative to the battery capacity) with a multimeter, and set the termination voltage to 3V;

The battery capacity is obtained by multiplying the time of constant current discharge by the discharge current.

Test: if the constant current discharge cannot reach two hours, then the nominal voltage is not enough. The battery has the possibility of counterfeiting.

1. Compare the battery capacity. The general Ni Cd battery is 500 MAH or 600 MAH, and Ni MH battery is only 800-900 MAH; the capacity of Li-ion mobiles phones battery is generally between 1300-1400 MAH, so the use time of Li-ion battery after fully charged is about 1.5 times that of Ni MH battery, about 3.0 times that of Ni Cd battery. If you find that the working time of the lithium-ion mobiles phones battery block you purchased is not advertised or specified in the manual for a long time, it may be counterfeit.

2. Look at the plastic surface and material. The anti-wear surface of the genuine battery is even, and PC material is used, without embrittlement; the fake battery has no anti-wear surface or is too rough, and recycled material is used, which is easy to embrittle.

3. All genuine mobiles phones batteries shall be neat in appearance, free of excessive burrs, with a certain roughness on the outer surface and comfortable in hand; the inner surface shall be smooth in hand, and fine longitudinal scratches can be seen under the light. The width of the battery electrode is the same as that of the cell phones, and the corresponding positions below the battery electrode are marked with [+], [-], and the isolation material of the battery charging electrode is the same as the shell material, but it is not integrated.

4. For the original battery, the color and texture of the battery surface shall be clear, uniform, clean and free of obvious scratches and damages; the battery mark shall be printed with the battery model, type, rated capacity, standard voltage, positive and negative pole marks and the name of the manufacturer. The hand feel shall be smooth without blocking, appropriate tightness, good coordination with the hand, reliable lock; the hardware piece shall be free of obvious scratch, black and green. If the cell phones battery we purchased does not conform to the above phenomenon, it can be preliminarily determined to be fake.

5. At present, many mobiles phones manufacturers are also from their own point of view, through efforts to improve the technology level, to improve the difficulty of counterfeit mobiles phoness and their accessories, so as to further curb the phenomenon of the flood of counterfeit goods. Generally, regular mobiles phones products and accessories must be consistent in appearance. So when we install the battery of the mobiles phones we bought, we should carefully compare the body with the battery bottom shell. Color, if the color is the same, it is the original battery. Otherwise, the battery itself is dim and lusterless, which may be a fake battery.

6. Observe the charging abnormality. Generally, there should be over-current protector inside the battery of genuine mobiles phones. In case of excessive current caused by external short circuit, the circuit will be cut off automatically to avoid burning or damaging the mobiles phones; the lithium-ion battery also has over-current protection circuit, which will cut off the power supply automatically when using non-standard electrical appliances and the current is too large, which will lead to no charging. In the normal condition of the battery, it can be restored to the conduction state automatically. State. If, in the process of charging, we find that the battery is seriously heated, smokes or even explodes, it means that the battery must be fake.

7. Carefully look at the anti-counterfeiting signs. For example, under the stickers, there are oblique Nokia words, which is the trick. Clear and flawless is the original product; dull and faded is the fake product.

If you look closely, you may also find the name of the manufacturer. For example, for Motorola battery, its anti-counterfeiting label is diamond shaped, and it can flash and have a three-dimensional effect no matter from any angle. If Motorola, original and printing are clear, they are authentic. On the contrary, once the color is dim, the stereo sense is insufficient, and the words are vague, it may be fake.

8. Measure the charging voltage of the battery block. If nickel cadmium and nickel hydrogen battery blocks are used to fake lithium-ion mobiles phones battery blocks, they must be composed of five single batteries, the charging voltage of a single battery is generally not more than 1.55V, and the total voltage of the battery block is not more than 7.75v. When the total charging voltage of the battery block is less than 8.0V, it may be nickel cadmium and nickel hydrogen batteries.

9. With the help of special tools. In the face of more and more types of mobiles phones batteries in the market, and the counterfeiting technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, some large companies are also constantly improving anti-counterfeiting technology, such as the new Nokia mobiles phones battery, which has carried out special processing on the logo, and needs to use a special prism to identify, and this prism is only available to Nokia. Therefore, with the improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology, it is difficult for us to identify the true and false from the appearance.

10. Use special detector. The quality of cell phones battery is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. For this reason, a mobiles phones battery tester has been launched in the market. The battery tester can detect and judge the capacity and quality of lithium, nickel and other batteries with the voltage between 2.4v-6.0v and the capacity within 1999mah, and has the functions of starting, charging and discharging. The whole process is controlled by the microprocessor according to the battery characteristics, which can realize the digital display of the measured voltage, current, capacity and other technical parameters.

11. The external battery of lithium-ion mobiles phones is generally marked with 7.2vlithium battery or 7.2vlithium secondary battery and 7.2vlithium rechargeable battery. Therefore, when purchasing mobiles phones batteries, it is necessary to clearly see the signs on the outside of the battery block to prevent from mistaking cadmium nickel and nickel hydrogen batteries for lithium-ion mobiles phones batteries due to the lack of clear understanding of the battery type.


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